Working with Abhishek


Discovery Meeting

Learn about Abhishek as he understands your financial goals. This meeting is a trust exercise and sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. Use this time to ask Abhishek anything you need to. By the end of this meeting, Abhishek summarizes and confirms actions and next steps.

The Plan

Based on the discovery meeting and his well-rounded financial planning expertise, Abhishek puts together a holistic, customized personal financial plan for you. The more detail you dive into in the discovery meeting, the tighter this plan is.

The Follow-Up

This normally takes place within 10 days of the initial conversation. Abhishek will present various solutions and explain the different products that will best help you meet your goals. It’s important to ask questions, understand the plan, and feel comfortable with it.

Review Meetings

Once you have signed up, you will meet regularly. Most people prefer to do this quarterly to review numbers, investment opportunities and even run financial decisions by Abhishek. Every six months the portfolio is reviewed to make sure your investments are working for you.

Working with Abhishek

What to expect when
working with Abhishek

Abhishek works with a wide range of clients at different stages of their journey to financial independence. He approaches every client relationship with care and dedication and is focused on helping his clients to achieve their vision of financial success and independence.

His clientele includes young executives at the start of their careers, seasoned executives looking to build a secure financial future for themselves and their families, and business owners at varying stages of business growth.

Abhishek is of the firm belief that achieving financial stability and freedom is as much a commitment for the client as it is for the advisor.

In his approach, he gives his clients a clear understanding of the part that they can play in addition to his work, to put their financial goals within easier reach.

Second-Guessing Your
Existing Plans?

Investment plans and financial decisions are often hard to make. In a review meeting with Abhishek, you can revisit your current plans and get a clear picture on what's working, what isn't and what might be a good next step.

Discover and Structure
Your Financial Goals

Answer a few questions that will get you to start thinking about the financial future you want.

Ask Me Anything

Reach out to Abhishek and his team with any financial questions or queries you may have. This could have to do with your existing financial plans or your financial goals. You can choose to send your question online, or request a meeting and ask in person.