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ESG Investing

ESG or Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing is a strategy you can use to invest your money in companies that strive to make the world a better place, while trying to generate a profit. ESG investments depend on the independent ratings that allow you to assess a company’s conduct and policies based on environmental performance, social impact and governance issues. 

Before investing, we evaluate companies based on non-financial parameters like Environment Empathy, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance. Evaluation of the companies is based on the positive and negative contributions they make to society. 

Investors today are highly concerned about environmental and social problems like climate change, gender and racial inequality, data security and privacy. These metrics help us avoid investing in companies that contribute to these problems in society. 

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What is an ESG compliant company?

ESG investing is a well-entrenched concept, and the future generations will play a pivotal role in taking this forward, and contributing to a better world to live in. There are basically three parameters to identify whether a company is ESG compliant.

Environment Empathy

Environment empathy is about the kind of impact a company has on the environment. It entails a broader scope of issues like, Climate change, Biodiversity, Waste and Pollution, Water and Energy Efficiency, GHG (GreenHouse Gas) Emissions, Resource Depletion, Deforestation.


Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is about how an organization improves its social impact on society and it entails a broader scope of issues like Working Conditions, Health and Safety, Child Labour and Slavery, Philanthropy, Equal Opportunities, Human Rights, Employee Diversity, Community Engagement.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is about how an organisation’s management drives positive change in society and it entails a broader scope of issues like Business Ethics, Compliance, Executive Pay, Board Diversity and Structure, Bribery and Corruption, Political Lobbying and Donations, Tax Strategy.

Esg investing

Put your money where there is value & a hope for a better future

For many people, ESG investing goes beyond a three-letter acronym to address how a company serves all its stakeholders: workers, communities, customers, shareholders and the environment.

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Benefits of ESG Investing

Lower Portfolio Risk

Higher Returns

Positive Change

Responsible Portfolio


Companies have already started experiencing the consequences financially, for failing to act on sustainability as many countries have started imposing carbon taxes and have implemented regulations. Even financial and banking sectors have integrated ESG rules into their funding


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