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What is High Value Life Insurance?

Also called Jumbo life insurance, this policy is specially designed for high net worth individuals and Ultra net worth individuals and acts as a solution for them to secure their finances. Over the years, it’s been noted that an increasing number of affluent families are opting for High Value life insurance as a part of their global estate planning, wealth structuring, legacy planning etc. 

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How does it work?

In this fast-paced world, with unhealthy lifestyles people are more prone to critical illness. If you are the only earning member of the family, your family solely relies on you for their financial support and the wise decision you can make is to protect yourself and your family financially.

High Value life insurance acts as an investment vehicle as it can provide an encashment value if the policyholder decides to terminate the policy before their death. The encashment value for jumbo life insurance is determined by the investment returns made on the premium and any termination fees that apply. The premium payment can be made as a series of payments or as a single payment of a lump-sum amount. Some Private banks and financial institutionss also offer financing for these polices as the premiums can be substantial.


Jumbo Life

High Value life insurance is a life insurance policy that offers very high death coverage, most often 300% of the premium paid.

This policy stands out from other life insurance policies because it offers high death coverage as well as an actual savings component, and over the years, the value of the jumbo life insurance policy grows, with a guaranteed interest rate.


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Jumbo life insurance allows you the plan to structure a policy according to your unique requirements that include asset protection, equalizing inheritance, paying off debt, providing survivor income, philanthropic goals, paying estate, capital gains and inheritance tax, providing cash to transfer a business interest, serving as a savings vehicle etc.  

Benefits of High Value Life Insurance

Flexibility in premium payments and death benefit requirements

Preserves the value of your estate by providing liquid funds for the beneficiary.

Protects your heirs from paying inheritance tax or property gains tax on assets within your estate.

Helps to create, increase or secure wealth.


Wealth transfer is a significant problem for most families and especially for HNIs. While Insurance is never to be considered an investment, these policies play a significant role in preserving the value of your net worth and can sometimes act as an enhancement as well to your overall estate. These help in protecting your legacy, offering clear instructions for inheritance, and avoiding financial disputes amongst the beneficiaries. They can be structured and tailored as per the unique needs of all HNIs. 


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