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If you’ve recently had a child or intend to have one, you’ve undoubtedly already considered setting away some funds for their schooling. 

Children’s education has always been one of the primary responsibilities of all parents irrespective of the country or backgrounds they belong to.

On average, parents spend USD 16,290 on a child’s undergraduate (i.e., ‘college’ or ‘university’) education alone. This includes families in the UAE, where the aggregate cost of education is the second highest in the world. Education Planning in the UAE.

Despite the statistics & the willingness to do good, a vast majority of the parents are unprepared for the rising costs of education in UAE. Also insecurities like job loss, a fatal sickness or an early death in the family may disrupt these long term ambitions. So it’s considered wise to start saving early so your money has time to grow.

Know how to choose the best child education plan in UAE 

So what are some of the things to keep in mind while planning for your child’s future?

1. Since there is no public school option in UAE, education is an out of pocket expense which one must factor in while planning.

2. Analyze the fee structure of top universities in different countries you may be interested in. The cost of living in these countries as well.

3. Factor in the additional costs of travel, communication, etc too for the long run.

4. What will happen if you move out of the UAE? While choosing an investment plan, do consider this factor.

5. Keep an eye open about the scholarship programs offered by top universities & plan accordingly. 

6. If you are taking up a loan, do ensure that your child bears the responsibility to pay it back too. 

7. Do refrain from following a herd mentality & plan as per your income & capacity.

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How much risk should you take? 

Education Planning in the UAE.The risk to take becomes quite crucial as most parents end up making huge personal sacrifices which in turn affects their own long term plans.

Although you want the best for your children, you should not forget about your own retirement savings. 

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The education you provide your child will be the largest contributor to his or her professional success. But it will also impact your lifestyle in many ways. So it’s a good idea to get guidance & plan with a financial advisor in UAE.

Feel free to get in touch with me to design the best suitable education plan for your child.

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